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Dynamics_Part61 - Problem Set 8 Problem 5 Problem Rod AB is...

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Problem Set 8: Problem 5. Problem: Rod AB is rotating in the counterclockwise direction with constant angular velocity ω . Collar P slides without friction as shown with constant relative speed u . If r = 1 2 f when θ = 0 o and the collar reaches Point B where r = f when θ = 90 o , what is collar P’s acceleration vector at the instant it reaches Point B? Express your answer as a function of ω and f . Solution: We know that in a coordinate frame rotating at angular velocity = ω k about Point A, the collar is not accelerating, i.e., a I = 0 where a I is the acceleration seen by a rotating observer. In general, the collar’s absolute acceleration is a = a I + ˙ × r + 2 × v I + × ( × r ) where v I is the collar’s velocity as seen by the rotating observer and
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