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ME 382 Winter 2010 Homework 7 (Due Monday, March 15, 2010) 1. Ashby & Jones 2: 11.1 2. Ashby & Jones 2: 11.2 (Use the iron-carbon phase diagram to answer this question) 3. Ashby & Jones 2: Q12.1 4. Ashby & Jones 2: Q12.2 5. Given that the 5000 series of aluminum alloys can be solution-strengthened and work-hardened, answer Ashby & Jones 2: 10.3 6. Ashby & Jones 2: 10.1 (Use the TTT diagram of Fig. 10.10) 7. Briefly compare the hardening of an aluminum alloy (with 4 wt% Cu to the hardening of a medium carbon steel (0.6 wt% C). Use phase diagrams to answer
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Unformatted text preview: the question. Your answer should include descriptions of (a) The sequence of heat treatments (state briefly what the purpose of each step in the heat treatment is, and what would determine the temperature range and time you would chose for each step) (b) The microstructures that develop at different stages in the heat treatment (c) Indicate how the yield strength changes at different stages in the heat treatment, and indicate what the mechanism of strengthening is....
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