HW _3 Rolling-contact bearing

HW _3 Rolling-contact bearing - of angular-contact...

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ME350 HW #3 Rolling-contact bearings Due Feb 11 (Thu) 1. Shown in the figure is a gear-driven squeeze roll that mates with an idler roll, below. The roll is designed to exert a normal force of 30 lbf/in of roll length and a pull of 24 lbf/in on the material being processed. The roll speed is 300 rev/min, and a design life of 30 000 h is desired. Use the safety factor of 1.2 (i.e., the calculated radial force is multiplied by 1.2), and select a pair
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Unformatted text preview: of angular-contact 02-series ball bearings from Table 11–2 (page 350 of the e-book or page 561 of Shigley) to be mounted at 0 and A. Use the same size bearings at both locations. . 2. Look around and identify TWO non-automotive applications of ball or roller bearings. State the bearing application (if possible, attach a picture) and provide a rough estimate of the bearing loading level (in N) and duty cycle (in number of revolution)....
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