HW _5 Velocity and Acceleration Analysis

HW _5 Velocity and Acceleration Analysis - At 2 = 60, 2 =...

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ME350 W10 Homework #5: Velocity and acceleration analysis [Please note the change in due date and submission location.] Due: Friday, Feb 26 at 3 pm Turn in your homework to a box near the GSI desks at 1210 Dow Print out your work with formula - we will post instructions Analyze the velocity and acceleration of a crank-rocker fourbar linkage. The lengths of links 1 (ground), 2 (crank), 3 (coupler), and 4 are 10, 2, 7 and 6 mm, respectively.
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Unformatted text preview: At 2 = 60, 2 = 100 rpm, 2 =10 rad/s 2 , and the open form: Use either Excel or Matlab, calculate the angular velocity 3 and 4 . Draw and identify the locations of the 6 instant centers. Use either Excel or Matlab, calculate angular accelerations 3 and 4 ....
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