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OS/161 Projects Patch File Generation and Submission Information for ASST1 September 15, 2008 The following description applies to ASST1a andASST1b. Creating and Testing a Patch File. A) MOTIVATION: diff files, commonly called patches, describe the difference between two source code directories. When a change is made in source code, and this change needs to be communicated to others, it is convenient to supply only the change itself to others in a compact and easily readable format. For example, the current Linux kernel source code tree is over 200MB (~40MB when compressed). It is a lot more convenient to communicate a change to some of its files as a single file that describes the entire collection of changes. Such a file could be quite small (a few kilobytes or even less), in comparison to distributing another 40MB file containing the changes. Additionally, if this diff (patch) file is generated by automated means, it guarantees that one will not forget to attach some of the parts of every file that might have been changed. Patch files are one of the most widespread, and accurate, mechanisms for distributing source code changes. B) CREATING A PATCH FILE: A patch file will be used to submit a soft copy of your implementation of the ASST1 programming assignments for OS/161. There are two directories that are needed for the creation of a patch file. One is your current working directory with your modifications, os161-1.10_asst1 and the other is an unmodified baseline directory (as obtained from the tarball) also initially called os161-1.10_asst1 . Both need to be prepared (including being renamed) in a certain way so that the patch can be created in a way that it can be tested by the TA and grader in the environment on their machines. The following steps show how to do this. Preparing your working directory for the patch: 1. rename your os161-1.10_asst1 working source directory to os161-1.10.ASST1 with the mv command. For example, assuming you have worked in the directory os161-1.10_asst1 , as extracted from the archive, use the command: mv os161-1.10_asst1 os161-1.10.ASST1 This both adds a suffix to make patch naming convenient and makes the directory name os161-1.10_asst1 available again for the tarball extraction procedure. 2. Just as you did when compiling os161-1.10_asst1 for the first time proceed as follows: $ cd os161-1.10.ASST1 $ ./configure $ make $ cd kern/conf $ ./config ASST1 $ cd . ./compile/ASST1 $ make depend These steps just run the configure script for os161-1.10.ASST1 and then build a new os161
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ASST1 Patch File Info - OS/161 Projects Patch File...

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