ASST1a - CSE 430 OS/161 Programming Assignment 1a(ASST1a...

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CSE 430 OS/161 Programming Assignment 1a (ASST1a) Synchronization Using Semaphores Version 7 Sunday November 8, 2008 In this assignment you will be using the basic semaphore synchronization functionality that is in the OS/161 kernel. You will code a test program that uses this functionality and exercises your understanding of concurrency. The entire Assignment 1 has 3 parts: 1. Implementing Synchronization Using Semaphores – ASST1a 2. Implementing and Testing Condition Variables and Locks – ASST1b 3. Additional Synchronization Problem ASST1c This write-up is for ASST1a. Hard copy portions of ASST1a are due on the day indicated on the course outline available on the class web site. In particular the hard copy portions are due by class time and the patch file must be submitted by midnight. The OS/161 Information page available via the OS/161_info link in the left frame on the class web site main page has information and links to all the necessary support information on running this project and submitting hard copy and patch file deliverables. We will start this assignment by getting the kernel for it built. Building and Installing OS/161 Source Programs for ASST1a You will be building the kernel in the same fashion as the previous assignment. You will need updated versions of conf.kern , menu.c and test.h to do this. They are available in a tarball at the same site as the OS/161 Toolchain – the link to which is given at the top the os/161_info page on the class web site. You should use the tarball os161-1.10_asst1.tar.gz which also has the same complete set of other kernel sources contained in the tarball used for ASST0 ( os161-1.10.tar.gz ) plus any necessary skeletons needed for additional synchronization test programs and OS/161 modifications to be used in ASST1a, ASST1b and ASST1c. You need to download this into your home directory and extract it just as you did for os161-1.10.tar.gz in ASST0. For your reference the extraction is as follows: cd ~ tar vzxf os161-1.10_asst1.tar.gz This will create a new subdirectory in your home directory called os161-1.10_asst1 which will have all the sources, configuration, menu and test files you need to build and execute a version of OS/161 especially set up for ASST1. As with the previous assignment, all paths will be given relative to the root of the OS/161 source path, in this case the os161-1.10_asst1 directory. To start off, make sure you are in this directory and then: ./configure make Building an OS/161 Kernel for ASST1a We are now ready (finally) to build an actual object OS/161 kernel, called
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ASST1a - CSE 430 OS/161 Programming Assignment 1a(ASST1a...

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