Final05 - F t := 1 - r t F 8 ⋅ _week = .235704 (d) If two...

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Exercise 5 A disk drive has a constant failure rate and MTTF := 5000 _hr (a) What is the failure rate associated with this drive? Define λ = 1 MTTF λ u 1 _hr = .0002 1 _hr (b) What is the reliability of the drive at the end of one year? r t := - λ⋅ t e r _yr = .173225 (c) What is the probability of failure for 8 weeks of operation?
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Unformatted text preview: F t := 1 - r t F 8 ⋅ _week = .235704 (d) If two of these drives were put into active parallel, what is the one year reliability if we assume no dependencies? R_ t := 1 - 2 1 - r t R_ _yr = .316443...
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