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Unformatted text preview: UF-ESI-6321 UF-ESI-6321-04-13.xmcd page 1 of 1 4.13 A potting company is trying to estimate the average age of a Boston resident. the company woutd tike to be 95% confident that their estimate witt be within L := 3 years of the true mean of the poputation. Based on an eartier census, the standard deviation of distribution of ages the poputation is presumed to be no more than s := 23 years Find the smattest sampte size that witt satisfy the potting company's requirement. c := 1.960 n := ceil c2 s2 = 226 L2 Note that n 30 = 1 (true) which makes this analysis valid per page 175 of the textbook. Luther Setzer 1 NASA Pkwy E Stop NEM3, Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 (321) 544-7435 ...
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