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HW4 - Microsoft Excel file that shows how you obtained...

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Prof. Edwin Romeijn ESI 6321 Applied Probability Methods For Engineers Homework 4 Spring 2008 ESI 6321 APPLIED PROBABILITY METHODS FOR ENGINEERS Homework 4 – Spring 2008 Reading material: Hayter, Chapter 12, Sections 12.1-12.7, 12.10 (Coursepack II), as well as course slides 1-80. Problems: 12.2.4, 12.3.3, 12.4.4, 12.5.3, 12.6.5, 12.7.1, 12.11.11. REMARKS: For problems 12.2.4-12.7.1 you should program all calculations yourself in Excel – although if you wish you may of course use the Regression tool in Microsoft Excel to verify your answers. For problem 12.11.11 you may use the Regression tool in Microsoft Excel and answer the questions, where possible, using the corresponding output. Please submit a document that contains all answers, as well as a
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Unformatted text preview: Microsoft Excel file that shows how you obtained those answers. Due date: February 10, 2008 at 11:59pm Submission guidelines: For all questions, please show the full derivation of your answer. All homework solutions are due on the date specified and late assignment submission will not be accepted. It is preferred and highly recommended that homework solutions are submitted electronically through WebCT since that will provide you with a confirmation and a record of when your solutions were submitted. You are allowed to collaborate on homework problems. However, everyone should submit their own unique homework solutions (including, e.g., any Excel spreadsheets when these are required as part of the solutions)....
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