Mathcad - UF-ESI-6321-12-06-05

Mathcad - UF-ESI-6321-12-06-05 -...

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Unformatted text preview: UF-ESI-6321UF-ESI-6321-12-06-05.xmcdpage 1 of 312.6.5Oil Well Drilling CostsConsider the data set of oil well costs given in DS 12.2.1.dollaramp:=for unit handlingx5000520060006538710975568005820782108600902691979926108131380014311ft⋅:=y2596.800048828123328.000000000003181.100097656253198.399902343754779.899902343755905.600097656255769.200195312508089.500000000004813.100097656255618.700195312507736.000000000006788.299804687507840.799804687508882.5000000000010489.5000000000012506.599609375001000⋅dollar⋅:=n16:=i1n..:=ixi∑137498.000ft⋅=iyi∑101523999.756dollar⋅=ixi( )2∑1287960086.000ft2⋅=iyi( )2∑762099377533262.13dollar2⋅=ixiyi⋅( )∑979168137354.980ft dollar⋅⋅=xixi∑n8593.625ft⋅=:=yiyi∑n6345249.9856345249....
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Mathcad - UF-ESI-6321-12-06-05 -...

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