(3) Biological Development

(3) Biological Development - (10.1) GP-L17: As the Twig is...

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(10.1) GP-L17: As the Twig is Bent I. Building the Basic Brain a. Genetic blueprint b. Competition c. Programmed cell death d. First come; First served e. End up with detailed Structure/Function i. Breathtaking in its complexity ii. Frugal in its variability. II. The Natural Heritage of the Brain a. MacLean’s Triune Brain i. Reptilian ii. Paleomammalian iii. Neomammalian b. All of this through Darwin’s 2 simple rules: i. Natural variability ii. Natural selection c. Kalat: Some ancient animals that acted the way we do survived and reproduced more successfully than some closely related animals that acted some other way; the first group of animals therefore became our ancestors and the second group became extinct.
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III. Is the Human Brain Special? Yes a. Not just bigger, faster, sharper b. Real differences are in process and plasticity i. An example from the visual system 1. Moth 2. Frog 3. Chick pecking with maturation 4. Human with inverting goggles ii. Evolution has pushed perceptual processing
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(3) Biological Development - (10.1) GP-L17: As the Twig is...

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