Stu - c p is a real probability between 0 and 1 c m is an...

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Distributions associated with the Student's T Equation: dt(x, d) Returns the probability density for value x . pt(x, d) Returns the cumulative probability distribution for value x . qt(p, d) Returns the inverse cumulative probability distribution for probability p . rt(m, d) Returns a vector of m random numbers having the Student's t distribution. Arguments: c x is a scalar or vector of real values. c d is an integer degree of freedom greater than 0.
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Unformatted text preview: c p is a real probability between 0 and 1. c m is an integer greater than 0. Notes: c For definitions of the functions, and information on generating random numbers, see the Density and Distribution definitions . c Though the distribution equation is meant to be formulated for integer degrees of freedom, Mathcad does allow real values. QuickSheet Student's T Distribution...
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