Syllabus - ACG 5065 Financial and Managerial Accounting...

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ACG 5065 Financial and Managerial Accounting Outreach Engineering Management University of Florida Spring 2008 Stephen K. Asare 319 Gerson Hall [email protected] 352-273-0209 Catalog Description: This is a 3 credit-hour course described by the graduate catalogue as “Financial reporting and statement analysis including techniques, cash flow, and impact of accounting principles. Management control systems: planning, budgeting, reporting, analysis, and performance evaluations.” Purpose and Objectives: In the financial accounting module, the objectives of this course are to help you (1) understand the concepts and measurements that underlie corporate financial statements, (2) gain an understanding of the choices firms make in reporting the results of business activities, and (3) develop the skills needed to analyze financial statements effectively. The first portion of the course emphasizes the measurement concepts and the mechanics of moving from business transactions to the principal financial statements: balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. The second portion focuses on generally accepted accounting practices (GAAP) for particular topics, such as the timing of revenue recognition, inventory valuation, and measuring the amount and cost of debt financing, with an emphasis on how management's choices among alternative GAAP affect the quality of earnings and financial position. The third portion introduces tools for analyzing financial statements, with an emphasis on integrating
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Syllabus - ACG 5065 Financial and Managerial Accounting...

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