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Unformatted text preview: Problem 6A 7217a56b0f4ba533dfdc998716f49027c30f9790.xls page 1 of 3 TABLE 5-12 Produce and Transport (P&T) Cost (Rupees) per Refrigerator P&T COST Source 150K Source 300K Nodes C D K M C D K M N 20,000 15,000 18,000 17,000 20,000 15,000 18,000 17,000 Sink E 19,000 18,000 15,000 20,000 19,000 18,000 15,000 20,000 W 17,000 17,000 20,000 15,000 17,000 17,000 20,000 15,000 S 15,000 20,000 19,000 17,000 15,000 20,000 19,000 17,000 TABLE 5-12B Capacity versus Cost Cap Cost 150,000 2.00E+09 300,000 3.40E+09 6. StayFresh, a manufacturer of refrigerators in India, has two plants -- one in Mumbai (M) and the other in Chennai (C). Each plant has a capacity of 300,000 units. The two plants serve the entire country, which is divided into the four regional markets -- North (N), South (S), East (E), West (W) -- with corresponding demands listed in Year 0 of Table 5-12C. Two other potential sites for plants include Delhi (D) and Kolkata (K). The variable production and transport costs (in thousands of rupees: 1 U.S. dollar is worth about 45 rupees) per refrigerator from each potential production (in thousands of rupees: 1 U....
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SETZER_HW02_06A - Problem 6A...

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