ProjectInstructions - ESI 6323 Final Meeting Case Study

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ESI 6323 Final Meeting Case Study Requirements/Expectations Each group 1 will present a case-study discussion in the last session of our class meeting. Along with this, each group will submit a written report (the oral report can follow the flow of the written one). Group members should divide the speaking up as evenly as possible, as well as the analysis and writing. The oral report should last 20 – 25 minutes, and the written report should be 5 – 10 pages (11 or 12 point, 1 ½ – double space) plus any appendices. Some cases are more qualitative than others, therefore the term “analysis” might mean a strategic or quantitative analysis. I am far less concerned about precise quantitative results (or the unnecessary application of quantitative methods), then with seeing a sound methodology when it comes to any quantitative analysis. That is, it is more important to provide a complete analysis of all pros and cons of your recommendations and/or modeling approach(es) than it is to have a “right answer”. The flow of the material might be as follows (both in the oral and written presentations): 1) Introduction a) Brief summary of the company background b) Brief introduction of the nature of the problem described in the case (focus on supply chain elements) 2) Broader discussion of problem context and important features a) What makes this problem interesting and complex? b) What factors make it more complicated than the modeling approaches we have discussed? c)
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ProjectInstructions - ESI 6323 Final Meeting Case Study

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