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1 Write Product Definition The product shall be a fully secular alternative to Rick Warren's bestseller The Purpose-Driven Life . The book shall be called: The Vision-Driven Individual: Becoming the Self You Might Be and Ought to Be The book shall use as its basis Ayn Rand's self-centered, reality-oriented, vision-driven philosophy of Objectivism. 2 Write Competitive Analysis The primary competitors will be Rick Warren's book and Robert Price's own response called The Reason-Driven Life . 3 Write Chief Competitors List Chief competitors include all organizations that use Rick Warren's screed as a teaching tool. Competitors also include all freethought networks. Competitors also include other Objectivist club networks. 5 Write Key Strengths Strengths include: appeal to prevailing American individualism appeal to reason appeal to use of ideas of a classic American author 6 Write Key Weaknesses Weaknesses include: widespread prejudice against secularism hateful dismissal of Ayn Rand among much of intelligentsia market conception of book as a rehash hack mistrust of self-improvement as deceptive self-help 7 Write Key Opportunities Opportunities include: growing discomfort with reliance on government rather than self growing discomfort with potentially oppressive religious influences 8 Write Key Threats Threats include: growing influence of religion in America mistrust of capitalism in face of current meltdown New Age nonsense associated with self-improvement industry 9 Write Key Attributes and Benefits Key Attributes include: Addressing the four key human needs Explaining step by step how to satisfy those needs rationally in accordance with the reader's own uniqueness as an individual
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Microsoft Project - PROPELMarketing - 1 Write Product...

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