MountainManGraded - IMountain Man Brewing Company ITeam I O~L =-t ~ 0 ~11 q t 0 I Overall Grade ~J JS < The purpose of this sheet is to better

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IMountain Man Brewing Company I O~L =- -t-;- ~ ITeam: 0 ~11 0 q - t I Overall Grade: ~J? J S The purpose of this sheet is to better communicate the relative strengths and weakness of your analyses and recommendations about various aspects of the case. (It also helps since my handwriting is so bad.) Scores range between the end points (----) to (++++). Minus marks indicate areas either definitely below my expectations or where others did better. Final grade is not a weighted average. It is based on my overall assessment. Approximate ~ ~.'~ ~ ~QVVL~ (~/.'~ <- ~) Ratina Importance V 2 Goal(s) advocated by you for the overall Mountain Man Brewing Company (MMBC); MM Lager; and any MM Light 3.5 Analysis of how to improve things for the current MM Lager beer or .f-.,. (e.g., different prices for the lager; different positioning; diff. spending levels, etc.) (NA = not addressed) 5 Should MMBC introduce a light beer? Why or why not? -L-+- 3 Qualitative analysis of feasibility of a Light Beer for MMBC -l-.r L- 3 Spreadsheet financial analysis: Break-even; Present Value: Forecasts; other) .-r 3.5 Sensitivity analyses (Various assumptions about market size change, market share, cannibalization, etc.) J- 2 Discussion of how financial results should/could be used within MMBC (e.g., to convince .... ) Recommendations and reasons about a launch of MM Light Beer +1 5 Basic launch strategy and tactic recommendations (extra about advertising, something on promotion, ditto for distribution, etc.) ~ 2.5 Consideration of various "other" different tactics (e.g., different prices for the Light; different spending levels, etc.) +-~ 4 Use the Mountain Man image? Why/why not? +-- 4 If not, what else? Why should this work? Alternatives considered? +..J-. 3 Positioning statement(s) to describe what you recommend .!.-4 3.5 Sample advertisement(s) to operationalize your strategy 1."'/ 3 Consumer promotions proposed -+ r 4 Reasons for recommendations Overall: n * Thoroughness 8;;r- .f. .. '~ f ; />«-cl+"~ 4- * Detail of analyses I + +-1 * Clarity of analyses ol\ •• +~ ~ * Quantitative analyses appear correct? (yes/no ~ ~ e. V ·,1 +-+- * Communicated logic of recommendatio )~ +- * Detail of recommendations ---- J'Yt,~ +- I * Quality of written presentation * Quality of oral presentation (If applicable) * = Always important. Above importance #'s are meant to provide approximations of relative importance.
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Mountain Ma:n Brewing Co~ny ~ usty McLaughlin Larry Miller Corrie Musgrave Luke Setzer N~ Welcome and thanks for allowing us to present. We are Team One. Our members are listed alphabetically by last name in the slide above. As title indicates this presentation is in regards to the Mountain Man Brewing Company Case. 1
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MountainManGraded - IMountain Man Brewing Company ITeam I O~L =-t ~ 0 ~11 q t 0 I Overall Grade ~J JS < The purpose of this sheet is to better

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