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University of Florida MAR 5805 Problems and Methods of Marketing Management Alan G. Sawyer Fall, 2008 Office : E-mail Address : Telephone : 300A Bryan Hall (352) 392-0161, x-1238# (South end of the building; no elevator; I am glad to meet elsewhere with handicapped students) Course Overview and Objectives : This course is intended to give you an understanding and appreciation of marketing problems and decisions and how they are conceived and implemented in organizations worldwide. The major theme is the importance of the customer and an understanding of its linkage to the substance of marketing, namely the creation of a marketing strategy and specific action plan to profitably create and deliver value to the customer . This course discusses how to gain an understanding of the consumer, competition, the environment facing a marketing decision-maker, and a variety of marketing decisions. These include decisions about current and potential products and services, the product and the product's benefits, marketing communications such as advertising and promotion, price, and distribution system. All these marketing elements must be combined to create value in the customer's mind. We will use both lecture/discussion and the case method. Without the latter, one can be easily misled that marketing is a grab bag of concepts and terms and ideas that must be memorized and then easily implemented in any given instance. The case method forces one to come to grips with specific applications that require operationalization of these concepts and ideas, while attempting to make decisions about a profitable strategy that can succeed in the competitive marketplace. The use of the case method is based on the widely accepted philosophy that one best learns by doing something, rather than by only listening to someone else talk about how to do something. In addition, I do not want you to waste your time to try to memorize things to spit out on an exam. Textbook: The “textbook” is the course lecture notes. These lectures focus only on issues I think are most relevant to you. Any quizzes or exams will cover only the lecture notes. For a more organized text, I recommend that you also read either a short textbook, A Framework for Marketing Management (4th edition), by Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller (Pearson/Prentice-Hall) or a considerably longer and more thorough textbook by the same authors, Marketing Management (Pearson/Prentice-Hall) 12 th Ed.). The latter is the “standard” MBA text, but in many places, it seems to me to be stuffed with too much, such that the trees obscure the woods. . I have indicated which chapters in the Framework text are appropriate to read to prepare for either the lecture topics or the cases to be discussed on that date. Clearly, the reading is heaviest at the beginning of the term, so you should prepare accordingly to catch up. 1
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Syllabus - 1 OEM Program University of Florida MAR 5805...

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