4-FINAL--2008_%20OEM_outline - * means that these...

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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Outreach Engineering Masters Program MAR 5805 ---Marketing Management Dr. Alan Sawyer Fall, 2008 Sunday Aug. 3, 8 AM 1, 18 Saturday Sept. 6, 8 AM Communicating the Bundle of Product Benefits 10, 9 Sunday Sept. 7, 1 PM Consumer Behavior in B to C and B to B Markets 6, 7, 8, 3, 4, 2 Saturday Oct. 4, 1 PM 12 Case: Atlantic Aviation Oral presentation by groups ? and ?. Sunday Oct. 5, 8 AM Pricing Case: BIOPURE Corporation Oral presentation by groups ? and ? Day Date Discussion Topic and Written and Oral Assignments Recommended* Chapters in Kotler and Keller Text Course Introduction; How to Analyze a Marketing Case; Product Positioning Case: Mountain Man Brewery Corporation: Bringing the Brand to Light Oral presentation by groups ? and ?. Pricing New and Established Products
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Unformatted text preview: * means that these reccomended chapters adddress topics relevant to the topics to be discussed and/or the assigned case. The exam will not cover anything only in the textbook. Saturday Nov. 8, 8 AM 10, 11, Case: Paulson Precision Parts, Inc. Sunday Nov. 9, 1 PM Marketing Communication, and Course Summary 15, 16, 17, 13, 14 Thurs. Nov. 20, 12 PM Thurs. Nov. 20 Saturday Dec. 6, 1 PM Exam 2, 13, 15, 16 Pricing; Product Management; Marketing Service and Measuring Quality Oral presentation by group ? . Email hard copy of your "Marketing Plan for a Brand in My Organization" (alan.sawyer@cba.ufl.edu) FED Ex of hard copy to my Univ. of FL address, with one-day delivery (212 Bryan hall, Univ. of FL, Gainesville, FL 32611)...
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4-FINAL--2008_%20OEM_outline - * means that these...

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