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Atlantic Aviation 1. What is the role of the demonstration flights at Atlantic Aviation (AA)? The demonstration flights help AA to make money through the cultivation of clients as follows: a. Analyze the customer decision making process and any aspects of consumer behavior you deem relevant. Consumers seem very demanding and want something for nothing. 2. Make recommendations about whether to grant or deny the three existing requests for demonstration flights and explain your rationale. a. Yogurt manufacturer should get what he wants.
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Unformatted text preview: b. Ellis Steel should feel denial of two flights in exchange for a financial bonus. c. Financial subsidiary should feel denial given his high level of risk. 3. Analyze the costs and profitability of the AA demos. 4. Establish guidelines and defend them for an authorization policy for future demo flights. Defend them for an authorization policy for future demonstration flights. Make and defend recommendations for the marketing and marketing communications strategy for AA....
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