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Marketing Audit/Analysis of Your Organization Assignment This assignment asks you to analyze marketing within your organization. This gives the opportunity to re-examine most of the elements of the course and apply them to something clearly relevant to you: your company or a brand in your company. The following questions address most areas of the course. You should try to answer all of the below questions about your firm. In most cases, you should break your firm down to one major product/service or brand. But, some of you may find it better to analyze and answer these questions from a more overall organizational perspective. If you feel that your company is not appropriate for this assignment due to such things as too little information available to you, too much of the needed information being proprietary, or too boring to you, you may select another brand from outside your company. Past feedback about what people have learned from this assignment has been very positive. My goal for this project is that you learn about how to apply marketing to your organization (and/ or a brand within that organization). I will use the term “brand” below to refer to either a particular brand or brands within your organization (which can be either physical products or services) or your overall organization or strategic business unit, depending on the perspective that best suits you and your ability to answer these questions. Also, note that you may find it useful to look at a particular brand for one question, answers for multiple brands for other questions, or your organization/strategic business unit for others. The choice is up to you, based on what makes the most sense for your situation and the question. In sum, my goals for this assignmen t are for you to: 1. learn about marketing in your company 2. analyze how marketing can and should be used in your organization 3. expand your knowledge about marketing, since you have had to apply it to something other than the cases. Clearly, I have little basis for knowing whether any facts in your answers are correct. I can only grade this assignment in terms of the logic, persuasiveness, thoroughness, and insightfulness of your answers . Note that most of the questions do not require precise information or even quantitative information. The more important ones are conceptual, not informational, and ask you to think about how the various concepts discussed in this course and the lecture notes might apply to your situation. Ideally, you already know some of the information needed for these answers or know where to get the needed information. To answer others, you will need to try to get information from others in your company. The internet may provide a lot of useful information. If you have absolutely no basis for answering a question due to an inability to get any
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MarketingProject - 1 Marketing Audit/Analysis of Your...

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