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Mountain Man Team Report Contribution 1. What do you recommend to improve the situation for the current Mountain Man regular beer? a. Offer financial incentives to stores to feature it. 2. A Light beer for MMBC? a. Should MMBC introduce a light beer? Why or why not? b. Use the spreadsheet (one that I will email you and put on the course website) to assess the financial results of not introducing a light beer. 3. Analyze the probable results of a launch of a light beer by MMBC. a. Is some kind of a Mountain Man Light (MML) feasible for MMBC? b. What is required to break even in two years? c. What is the present value of these returns? i. These calculations require various assumptions discussed in the case about market size change, market share, cannibalization, etc. and a sensitivity analysis. (Note that I will send you a spreadsheet and put it on the website to facilitate this analysis.) You need to explain and make your assumptions explicit and defend their
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Unformatted text preview: appropriateness. 4. The MM image and positioning. a. How should the new MML use the Mountain Man image? i. Coal Miner and his woman b. Examine the pros and cons of whether to use the current Mountain Man brand name and positioning for a new light beer. i. Pros -- established logo ii. Cons -- associated with "old" generation c. If you do not think the MM brand name is a good idea, propose an alternative brand name and explain why it would be better than the MM name. i. New River Light Beer d. Offer a positioning statement that best describes what you recommend. i. Discuss each of these qualitative analyses (a, b, and c) and recommendations in detail. e. Describe at least one (feel free to give more than one; many groups do) sample advertisement and/or promotion to illustrate and communicate this positioning. What else, if anything, do you recommend for MMBC to make a light beer launch successful?...
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