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page 1 of 13 Final Marketing Project The Vision-Driven™ Individual OEM 2009 MAR 5805 Luke Setzer Luke Setzer The Vision-Driven™ Individual
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Introduction Although marketing normally conjures images of profit-oriented businesses hawking services or products to end consumers, clearly not-for-profit organizations also need marketing to succeed. Some organizations seek to service end beneficiaries outside the organization, e.g. burn victims at a Shriners Hospital. Others seek to service each other, e.g. club members of the public speaking educational organization Toastmasters International. For these organizations, money simply serves as a material means to the spiritual ends of the organization rather than a material end in itself. Nevertheless, they still require material values in order to actualize their spiritual values. Marketing their benefits effectively and appealing to the values of their target "cash supply" audience serves that purpose. Human beings stand apart from other species as possessing a rational faculty. Unlike the lower animals, humans can reason in highly abstract ways, relating empirical concretes to rational abstractions up and down the chain of logic. Whether they choose to do so or not falls entirely within the realm of human volition. Those able and willing to reason in this fully objective, highly effective manner generally prefer to interact with other such thinkers for intellectual stimulation and emotional bonding. They often find spiritual meaning in productive work and seek others of similar mindset as "soul mates" of friendship. Unfortunately, nearly all such "soul mate" organizations throughout history have built themselves around precepts of faith rather than reason. Not only churches, but even many service organizations have done this. The few organizations that have sought a fully secular basis for activism have usually arisen still allowing their religious enemies to set their agendas. For example, American Atheists typically only garners public attention when it files a lawsuit to stop an improper religious incursion into political issues. Moreover, various freethought clubs usually spend meeting times bemoaning the latest outrage of religious faith such as Muslim terrorist bombings rather than exploring, defining, actualizing, and disseminating a fully objective, rational moral code. Among the numerous outspoken secularists throughout recent history, Ayn Rand represents perhaps the only one to define and deliver an objective ethical system. She called her philosophy, aptly enough, Objectivism. She illustrated her philosophy in dramatic form through her four novels: We the Living , Anthem , The Fountainhead , and especially Atlas Shrugged . Her later nonfiction works further elucidated her ideas. After her death in 1982, her protégé, Leonard Peikoff, presented her philosophy in systematic form in his 1991 book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand . Her powerful philosophy offers a complete system for living for those who take the time to chew, digest,
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OEM_Setzer_Final - page 1 of 13 Final Marketing Project The...

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