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Purchasing a corporate jet . .. "deal or Great Deal?" Publication Date: 23-OCT-06 Publication Title: San Fernando Valley Business Journal Author: Bloomer, Mark When making a significant investment such as purchasing a corporate jet, making a Great Deal should be the objective; however, few Buyers take the necessary steps to achieve that goal. Why? Perhaps it is because current "folk lore" portrays the purchase of corporate jet transportation as a seemingly simple task. But in our experience, the path to a successful aircraft acquisition requires a high degree of market intelligence, operational know-how and due- diligence partnered with a Buyer's preparation and commitment to go the extra mile. But on the cost side of the equation your knowledge is probably more limited and about the only thing you really know is that they are expensive--really expensive. To make any sense of the information presented here, one must be grounded in a few terms and phrases. These are: Determine What You Need A Buyer should give careful thought and consideration to many factors so as to determine the right aircraft to meet their needs. And when do they need the aircraft? Immediately, or are they prepared to wait for a new aircraft delivery slot? * Do you prefer a new or pre-owned aircraft? * Is aircraft age a concern? * How many flight hours do you need? * How many passengers will you carry? * Where will you fly to? (Domestic only, or some international destinations also) * Are there any long range, short runway, and/or high altitude take-off requirements? * Do you have any cabin comfort requirements or concerns such as cabin width vs. length, flat floor vs. sunken aisle,
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SFVBJ_jetpurchasedeal - Purchasing a corporate jet ....

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