Buzzword - example If it represents a process or program summarize a successful implementation from the literature(provide the reference 5 List the

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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA Outreach Engineering Management EIN 6227 Fall 2008 Advanced Quality Management and Engineering for Business Processes Project: Buzzwords Due Date: Written Report: Submitted online Friday, September 5 by 5 p.m. Presentation: Saturday, September 6 You will be assigned a “buzzword” dealing with the world of quality management on the first day of class. With your buzzword, you are to write a report and prepare and deliver a presentation on the researched material. Specifics follow: Report Research your buzzword. Write a 3-5 page report which covers the following: 1. Define your buzzword. 2. Provide a history of the tool/method. 3. Explain how the tool/concept/method fits into the quality management “world.” 4. Illustrate when and how it is used. If your buzzword represents a tool, give an
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Unformatted text preview: example. If it represents a process or program, summarize a successful implementation from the literature (provide the reference). 5. List the benefits and disbenefits of using the tool/method. 6. Provide an evolution of the tool/method over time. Have the disbenefits been addressed? Evaluate the program’s staying power over time (still used?). 7. Determine whether the tool/method has been used in your company. If so, summarize its success/failure. If not, determine where and why it might provide value. 8. Provide at least 3 references to the tool or method. At least one should be from a major media source (CNN Money, Wall Street Journal, etc.). You can do better than Wikipedia. Presentation Summarize your findings in a 3-5 minute presentation for class with appropriate slides (should only be a few!)....
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