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FinalProject - University of Florida Outreach Engineering...

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Unformatted text preview: University of Florida Outreach Engineering Management Bringing Stone Age Instruction into the Modern World Current OEM Timeline What Is Wrong with This Picture? Testimonials typically reflect positive bias. GRE gives no clear idea of what to expect. Preparation prework relies on obsolete hard copy methods. Preparation prework begins after admission. Timeline bears similarity to engagement and marriage before courtship. Mismatch between faculty expectations and student abilities results in "domestic disturbances" (curving). Expect higher "divorce" (withdrawal) rate of students from OEM as a result. Curving and withdrawal rates call for a new philosophy for admissions process: COURTSHIP BEFORE COMMITMENT! The Pr ogr am That At e M y Time! "The student success rate [91%] is very high. When students withdraw from the program, it is almost always because of impacts from career or family obligations, not because of academic reasons." OEM Web Site Drinking Water from a Fire Hose When Students Quit OEM Lost Money for UF Lost Money for Students Lost Credibility Lost Opportunities Bad Feelings on All Sides Metrics and Goals for OEM Performance Class size: 56 Overall class GPA: 3.4 to 3.7 Each transcript grade: B or better Retention rate: 100% Curving: 0 Changes to Live Program: NONE Theory of Constraints 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. IDENTIFY the system's constraint(s). Decide how to EXPLOIT the system's constraint(s). SUBORDINATE everything else to the above decision. ELEVATE the system's constraint(s). WARNING!!!! If in the previous steps a constraint has been broken, go back to step 1, but do not allow INERTIA to cause a system's constraint. 1&2 Identify and Exploit Constraints Dropouts cannot handle "throughput" of work due to "constraints" on total resources: Time constraints Energy constraints Knowledge constraints Of these three, knowledge represents the one "bottleneck" that affects the others: Greater knowledge of the program's content influences decision to apply; Greater knowledge of how to approach difficult material leverages faster and better results under same time and energy constraints. How to Increase "Excess Capacity" to Handle "Throughput"? 1. 2. SUBORDINATE everything else to the above decision. ELEVATE the system's constraint(s). Benefits of Online Tools "Student grades on homework soared from an average of 58% to 83% with MyMathLab (MML)." University of Missouri, Columbia Success rate (A, B, or C) rose from 71% to 84% after Valencia Community College switched to MML. Lessons from Online Learning Brevard Community College Statistics Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Principles of Finance Phoenix University Finite Mathematics Finite Mathematics Interactive Learning Trains Expectations Prior to Admission! Application Checklist Addition Date Completed ______________ Register for student account at http://www.MathXL.com ($34.95 for one year) to enroll in University of Florida OEM 2011 Finite Mathematics course and complete assigned homework problems (online only). Beware the Fate of the Dinosaur "You can resist the shift towards technology, but as an educator, you will eventually get replaced (especially since the people becoming teachers are of the technology generation)." Andrea Reese, BCC Instructor Recommendations Consider application after Finite Mathematics competency demonstration! Continue precedent of prework after admission but using online assignments! Give "waitlist" applicants same prework before Semester 1 as admitted students. Rearrange prework schedule for broader preparation and "capacity growth" before each semester to remove "bottlenecks." Benefits of Recommendations Allows applicants to "court" material and material to "court" applicants before any longterm "commitment" between student and OEM. Screens from consideration those unwilling to court before commitment, thus reducing "domestic disturbance" (curving) and "divorce" (withdrawal) rates. Keeps "wait list" applicants fully prepared to replace early dropouts "on the fly." Continues preparation and "capacity growth" well into program for successful processing of "throughput" to completion of program. Proposed OEM Timeline Statistics Pre-Work Prior to Semester 1 Financial Accounting Pre-Work Prior to Semester 1 Managerial Accounting Pre-Work Prior to Semester 2 Managerial Finance Pre-Work Prior to Semester 3 Sample Bottom Line Improvements Retain Two Students Last Two Semesters Retain Three Students Last Three Semesters Additional cost to program: $860 per credit hour x 19 credit hours x 3 students = $49,020 Quality really is free in this case! $860 per credit hour x 13 credit hours x 2 students = $22,360 $ 0 Additional cost to student: $150 Form of "insurance" for student's future Ongoing Improvement versus Inertia 5. WARNING!!!! If in the previous steps a constraint has been broken, go back to step 1, but do not allow INERTIA to cause a system's constraint. COURTSHIP BEFORE COMMITMENT! Questions? ...
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