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The evaluation of your team is worth 5% of your overall grade. Evaluate yourself first: For each statement in the table below, indicate whether you strongly disagree (SD), disagree (D), neutral (N), agree (A), or strongly agree (SA) by an “X” in the appropriate box. Your Name: Luther Setzer SD D N A SA I am on time for all team meetings X I am well prepared for all meetings X I participate actively in all meetings X I keep commitments to other team members
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Unformatted text preview: X I complete work on time X I cooperate well with other team members X Summary : Overall self evaluation as a member of the team. X Your Signature (Typed): Luther Setzer Date: December 5, 2008 (Write additional comments in the following space if desired.) I felt disappointed no one else wanted to team with me for the final quality project, but whatever. I hope the OEM managers take what I said to heart. I meant every word....
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