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Unformatted text preview: lines. 18 References [1] Barla, P. and C. Constantatos (2000), "Airline Network Structure under Demand Uncertainty", Transportation Research Part E, 36, 173180. [2] Berechman, J., S. Poddar and O. Shy (1998), "Network Structure and Entry in the Deregulated Airline Industry", Keio Economic Studies, 35, 71-82. [3] Brueckner, J.K. (2001), "The Economics of International Codesharing: An Analysis of Airline Alliances", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 19, 1475-1498. [4] Brueckner, J.K. (2003), "International Airfares in the Age of Alliances: The Effects of Codesharing and Antitrust Immunity", The Review of Economics and Statistics, 85, 105-118. [5] Brueckner, J.K. and P. Spiller (1991), "Competition and Mergers in Airline Networks", International Journal of Industrial Organization, 9, 323-342. [6] Brueckner, J.K. and W.T. Whalen (2000), "The Price Effects of International Airline Alliances", Journal of Law and Economics, 53, 503-545. [7] Cournot, A. (1927),...
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