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Unformatted text preview: STRATEGIC EFFECTS OF INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE ALLIANCES* Ricardo Flores-Fillol and Rafael Moner-Colonques** WP-AD 2005-15 Corresponding author: R. Moner-Colonques. Universitat de Valncia, Department of Economics, Campus dels Tarongers, 46022 Valencia (Spain). Tel.: 96 382 87 84 / Fax: 96 382 82 49 / E-mail: [email protected] Editor: Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Econmicas, S.A. Primera Edicin Abril 2005 Depsito Legal: V-2052-2005 IVIE working papers offer in advance the results of economic research under way in order to encourage a discussion process before sending them to scientific journals for their final publication. * We are grateful to Ins Macho, Jos Sempere and Ramn Faul for their comments and suggestions. ** R. Flores-Fillol: Universidad Autnoma de Barcelona, Spain. R. Moner-Colonques: Universitat de Valncia, Spain. STRATEGIC EFFECTS OF INTERNATIONAL AIRLINE ALLIANCES Ricardo Flores-Fillol and Rafael Moner-Colonques ABSTRACT The present paper develops a simple model of a network structure to analyze the profitability and the strategic effects of airline alliances in which two complementary alliances, following different paths, may be formed to serve a certain city-pair market. We e...
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