Case Study General Electric (GE) - Building Institutional E

Case Study General - e-COACH You Company Customer Management Organization Strategies Processes Innovation Finance Buy S u s t a in a b l e G r o wt

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By Vadim Kotelnikov , Founder, The first-ever BUSINESS e - COACH , "The idea flow from the human spirit is absolutely unlimited. All you have to do is tap into that well." - Jack Welch Sustainable Growth: Institutional Excellence Case Study: General Electric (GE) Creating an Extraordinary Organization Building Effective Top Management Team: GE's Ways 1. Selecting superior managers , dedicated to eliminating bureaucracy and building businesses, to run GE's operating units in entrepreneurial fashion . 2. Creating a transparent financial reporting structure that enables CEO to monitor the manager's individual performance by the numbers. Under the CEO's watch, managers have wide latitude in building their GE units, as long as the numbers demonstrate the wisdom of their ways. Redefining Relationships between Management and Employees The Four Key Goals of GE's Work - Out Meetings 1. Encourage employees to share their views in a collaborative culture 2. Vest greater responsibility, power, and accountability with front-line employees 3. Eliminate wasteful, irrational, and repetitive steps in the work process (which would come to light through employee feedback) 4. Dismantle the boundaries that prevent the cross - pollination of ideas and efforts. Leading Change through the GE's Organization: the Jack Welch's Way . . . More c Redesigning the role of the leader in the new economy: creating followers through communicating a vision , and establishing open, caring relations with every employee. c Creating an open, collaborative workplace where everyone's opinion is welcome. c Empowering senior executives to run far-flung businesses in entrepreneurial fashion . c Liberating the workforce; making everybody a participant through improving vertical communication and employee empowerment . Discover much more! 25 Lessons from Jack Welch 3Ss of Winning in Business: Self-confidence, Simplicity, Speed The 4 Es and 6 Rules for Leadership 5 Strategic Questions Make Business Fun Smart Corporate Leader 12 Effective Leadership Roles Strategies for Leading Breakthroughs Sustainable Growth Strategies 3 Strategies of Market Leaders Winning Organization How To Transform Your Business Into an Innovative and Creative Culture
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Case Study General - e-COACH You Company Customer Management Organization Strategies Processes Innovation Finance Buy S u s t a in a b l e G r o wt

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