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Emma Landscaping - projects that had fancy structures or...

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Page 1 Emma Landscaping 1/6/2009 12:58:12 PM http://emmalandscaping.com/news/20081008.html NAME EMAIL PHONE Emma Landscaping Company Changes Strategy For Landscape Design San Diego, CA, October 8, 2008 - Emma Landscaping Companyhas recently changed its Landscape Design Program. Now every customer will be presented with the choice of three programms: DesignXpress, DesignDeluxe or Design Pro. All three programs vary in number of plan pages, complexity of design elements, fee, and turnaround time. "In the last 18 months of doing landscape designs, we have limited ourselves and our customers to only one choice of design and fee." Explains Max Emma, the president of Emma Landscaping Company, "As a result, the clients who did not have time or sufficient funds for the project like this would not go with Emma Landscaping Company. On the other hand,
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Unformatted text preview: projects that had fancy structures or design elements took a lot more time than regular design and therefore clogged the production of our Design-Build Department. We learned from the experience, that people have different taste, they crave variety; they are looking for something that would suit their particular needs. I believe, that DesignXpress, DesignDeluxe, and DesignPro is what our clients need." For more information on Emma Landscaping Company's design programs, contact Beth Button at [email protected] emmalandscaping.com <- Back to Newsroom Copyright © 2008 Emma Landscaping Company. All rights reserved....
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