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ArticleFile01 - Landscaping Company decided to provide them...

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Article File 1 Chapter 1: Strategic Leadership Your first article file task is to find an example of a company that has recently changed its strategy. Identify whether this change was the outcome of a formal planning process or whether it was an emergent response to unforeseen events occurring in the company' environment. For 18 months, the Emma Landscaping Company limited itself (and its customers) to one design choice and one fee. Over time, the management learned that this limitation in turned limited its sales opportunities. Not all prospects sought the original high end designs of Emma Landscaping Company. Because clients and prospects wanted more options, Emma
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Unformatted text preview: Landscaping Company decided to provide them. Clearly this change arose as an emergent response to unforeseen events occurring in the company's environment. The management expected the company's "one size fits all" approach to work when in fact the target market had different values. So the company developed a new strategy invoking three separate, broad ranges: DesignXpress, DesignDeluxe, and Design Pro. According to the management, "All three programs vary in number of plan pages, complexity of design elements, fee, and turnaround time." Reference: http://emmalandscaping.com/news/20081008.html (see attached) OEM 2009 MAN 6721 Luther Setzer page 1 of 1...
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