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Progress Report 2 Revised Objective The objective has been continually refined since the last progress report. Progress Report 1 revised the objective "to define clearly an optimized mission as part of the Constellation campaign to supply an exploration team on an established moon base." Further clarifying this objective, Progress Report 2 will use the established Apollo 17 mission as a baseline template for a Constellation lunar sortie and resupply mission per the SpaceNet software package. Detailed Description of Revised Plan The MATLAB-driven SpaceNet software package includes numerous templates, elements, and other components to allow modeling of various mission scenarios. Progress Report 1 mentioned SYMPHONY as a candidate for optimization of a SpaceNet model. I have since learned that SYMPHONY does not really suit that purpose. Fortunately, the SpaceNet manual includes outlines of the code underlying its components, making it possible to run an optimization using Excel or other
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Unformatted text preview: widely available optimizer. One complication that set me back a week involved the discovery of a virus on my hard drive. Because I use my work laptop for this class, I had to wait while our technical support people wiped my hard drive clean. I then had to re-load all my optional software myself. These included MATLAB and SpaceNet. As I get closer to finalizing my project, I expect to consult with Martin Steele, a local expert in Constellation supply chain management. He can point to any glaring flaws in my reasoning based on his experience. I can then prepare the final report and presentation. EIN 6905 Master's Project Luther Setzer page 1 of 2 Revised Schedule for Completion 03/16-03/27 Refine SpaceNet model 03/30-04/03 Discuss Constellation mission model with NASA principal 04/06-04/10 Refine SpaceNet model 04/13-04/17 Prepare final report and presentation EIN 6905 Master's Project Luther Setzer page 2 of 2...
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ProgressReport02 - widely available optimizer One...

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