(4) Cognitive Development

(4) Cognitive Development - (10.2 Cognitive Development...

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(10.2) Cognitive Development Public Service Section of Lecture I. Teen Pregnancy -- Why it isn't a real good idea A. Over 1,000,000 (unwed) teen pregnancies per year B. Over $7,000,000,000 cost to the nation C. 80% end up needing welfare assistance D. 23% say they are happy E. 63% report feeling sad and confused 1. The fate of too many babies a. lower than average birth rate b. good chance of being abused c. girls more likely to become unwed mothers themselves A Little More Public Service Information II. Pregnant women (wed or unwed) should not A. Drink alcohol: can cause fetal alcohol syndrome 1. stunted growth 2. various malformations including a. face b. heart c. ears 3. nervous system damage related to
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a. seizures b. hyperactivity c. learning disabilities d. mental retardation B. Smoke 1. associated with conduct disorders Enough Public Service: On to the real stuff III. Healthy babies can A. see relatively well 1. show preferences for faces B. hear 1. as shown by sucking rate studies
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  • Spring '07
  • Theory of cognitive development, Kohlberg's stages of moral development, cognitive development a., rate studies a.

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(4) Cognitive Development - (10.2 Cognitive Development...

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