Chapter 2 review Questions

Chapter 2 review Questions - applications are available to...

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Steven Rampmeyer CIS-256-101 Chapter 2 Review Questions 1) Sources of Software, a) IT Services firms – An IT Service Firm is used by a company that does not have the staff or knowledge to develop the programs and software in-house. The IT firm can provide many services including developing, hosting and running of the applications. b) Packaged Software Producers – These companies specialize in producing off the shelf applications and programs. Some can be modified to meet a specific need but most are turnkey, which means that they cannot be altered and the developer will only offer modifies versions if the need is great enough. c) Enterprise Solutions Software – These are companies that produce and/or develop integrated, packaged solutions to meet a need. The packages will usually consist of a group of “modules” which are integrated to meet a specific business functional area. d) Managed Service Provider, (MSP), or Application Service Provider, (ASP) – These are companies that offer applications for lease or rent to other companies. The
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Unformatted text preview: applications are available to the end-user through the internet or VPNs. This is sometimes been called cloud computing. e) Open Source This is free software which is developed by a community of programmers/ some companies offer free versions and for sale versions which may be enhanced f) In house development having programmers and developers on payroll to create applications to meet specific needs. 2) ASPs and MSPs differ in the services offered. An MSP may offer more complete solutions in the way of network services, customized applications and even equipment, for a fee. 3) The following criteria can be used to choose off-the-shelf software: a) Cost b) Functionality c) Support d) Viability of the vendor e) Documentation f) Flexability g) Response time Steven Rampmeyer CIS-256-101 Chapter 2 Review Questions h) And, ease of installation The order in which these criteria are prioritized may differ greatly from company to company. 4)...
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Chapter 2 review Questions - applications are available to...

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