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Steven Rampmeyer CIS-256 Chapter 8 2. In a system that produces a budget report, the output could be used by a number of users specifically persons in the finance/budget department. The purpose of the output would be to show past, current and future budget issues so they can be compared. The output would be generally be needed at the quarterly or yearly budget time. Generally, the department managers and the finance department would need to access this report. If others need to see it they could contact their supervisor or the finance office to receive a copy.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Cust-ID should be of a consistent format. The column header “Organization” should be renamed. See attachment for the redesigned form. I did not make any assumptions as no other information was given. 5. The users appear to be persons who need to perform tests of a certain type and the management who will assess the outcomes of the tests. The disp[lays would show the users what tests to perform, how to perform them and after the tests are done it will display the result and details of the tests performed. 7. 8....
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