Unit _2 Cause and Effect Assignment, AH II - Copy (2)

Unit _2 Cause and Effect Assignment, AH II - Copy (2) -...

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Cause and Effect Assignment Please read, “How To Complete Your Cause and Effect Assignment” in the FAQ link before beginning this assignment. This document is already saved in “rich text format,” please don’t change it into another format. Below is a quick summary of the instructions: The first task of the Cause and Effect Assignment is to go to the Hikipedia Assignment you just finished working on and write what the historical topic is for each unit question below. Next, write the CAUSES of all the historical topics. Finally, write the EFFECTS of each historical topic. This assignment does not call for a description of the historical topic itself. You can earn up to ten EXTRA CREDIT points by delineating up to five historical parallels between the unit historical topics and current-day events (two points for each historical parallel). After completing the assignment, this document must be uploaded back to the Assignments tool. Please refer to “How To Submit Your Assignment” in the FAQ tool to find out how to do this. There is no word limit for the CAUSE and EFFECT responses. Begin your assignment below. Note: Do not write the causes and effects for the Interactive Questions. Name: Unit #: 1. HISTORICAL TOPIC: World War I CAUSE: Countries wanted to have more land, also the patriotism that countries had, and wanting to be the most powerful nation in the world. EFFECT: By the end of Word War I in 1919, inflation boosted, there were a lot of riots, strikes, fear of radical subversion, and violations of civil liberties. Pg 672 2. HISTORICAL TOPIC: Western Front
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CAUSE: Germany wanted to defeat France quickly, so they planned in passing thru Belgium, who was a relatively weak nation, but Belgiums resisted long enough for French and British troops to get there. EFFECT: New weaponry were created such as poison gas, aerial bombing, and tanks, as the was progressed Pg 655 3. HISTORICAL TOPIC: New weapons were introduces CAUSE: Neither nation wanted to be the weakest and that lead to the creation of new weaponry. EFFECT: This new weaponry had devastating effects for the opposite nation, with the introduction of machine guns, tanks, torpedoes, and planes. Pg 653 http://www.historyonthenet.com/WW1/weapons.htm 4. HISTORICAL TOPIC: United States entering the war CAUSE: Germany started unrestricted attacks to commercial boats; one of the boats was the Lusitania in which 6 Americans were killed. A letter from Germany to Mexico asking Mexico to declare war to the US. EFFECT: United States declared war to Germany
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Unit _2 Cause and Effect Assignment, AH II - Copy (2) -...

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