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Sociology 1001 Chapter 2 1-31-06 Population-pg 71 Sample- Methodology- Concept and Variable -variable is something that we can measure something we can put into #; Theory-“coaches make a difference” -theory is more broad, refers not only to college football but to also any other sport Proposition-“in college football, coaches make a difference”-a lot more narrow, - Hypothesis-under les miles LSU is going to win at least 10 games” -statement that can be directly testable->
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Unformatted text preview: Wife abuse and husband arrest-if we arrest all the husbands and put them in jail over night they will stop doing it-> -arrested-13% not arrested 22%-arrest decsrease further abuse->if suspects husband is employed arrest decreased further abuse; however if he is not employed arrest increased further abuse.(b/c they don’t have anything to lose) Positive and negative relationships Middle range theory...
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