Sociology 3-23 - Sociology 3/23/06 Chapter 8 Minority...

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Sociology 3/23/06 Chapter 8 Minority Groups(vs. dominant groups): norms and power (size?) Minority group- Opposite term of minority group is dominant group- Women are in a minority group bc they don’t have power-we have more women than men. -they are considered minority because of social norms power and dominance of men. Dominant group doesn’t necessarily men it’s a large group. (they happen to have a better position in society.)-depends on power norms and sometimes size but not always -names are important they are apart of racial identity. -names have something to do with our status in society.once we est ourselves (like being an African American-we tend to put an African American name in our name) Changing names- is called ethnic work-hiding ethnic background- Can work both ways you can name your child your heritage to so people will recognize. -they will be able to identify there ethic background Inter-racial relationships We are usually talking about relationships between one race and another Prejudice- is in your mind-negative attitude Discrimination-unfair or unequal treatment Why do most people have prejudice?-(economic vs. pyschological) Economic-they have a prejudice to protect their own interest
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Sociology 3-23 - Sociology 3/23/06 Chapter 8 Minority...

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