Sociology 3-30 - Sociology Gender 1997-duke women kicker...

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Sociology 3/30/06 Gender 1997-duke women kicker sues because she didn’t get to play 1997 oregon women kicker gets to play but coach is heavily criticzed 1992-mardi gras krewes were told me be Co-Ed Gender *Gender is an issue in sports and Mardi Gras *Gender socialization in instrumental vs. expressive role -women used to be more expresses more emotional more psychological -men you used to be more instrumental-task oriented Men were leaders women were follows still may not be true *Socialization in family: Different treatment/reinforcement in schools: Math and verbal ability -when kamo son was born they never told him that he was a boy they raised him as gender neutral.- when he went to visit cousin he started referring to himself as a boy because he was ridiculed by his cousin that he sounded like a sissy not knowing that he new the difference. When raising children as neutral gender they find that-when doing this they become more nurturing. They are better with children and they do a lot of housework. -Usually raise children to “feminine” or too “masculine”-like saying boys don’t cry and girls can cry. Differential Treatment for boys and girls- negative and positive reinforcement If girls like to play football thye are punished by saying “oh girls don’t play football”- Family is quite important for socialization- how you are socialized in family is how you become socia School- it is a well known fact that men average better in math and girls are better in
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Sociology 3-30 - Sociology Gender 1997-duke women kicker...

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