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Unformatted text preview: ALL Psych notes 05/02/2007 19:19:00 ← What is Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology? ← ← Definition – Application of psychological principles and theories to the workplace ← ← Learning & memory, sensation & perception, etc and applying it to business ← ← Layman’s terms: the study of how people get along with each other at work and are able to do their jobs effectively – how to select and motivate employees in the workplace ← ← Industrial vs. Organizational psychology ← Industrial psych – associated with job analysis, training, selection, and performance measurement ← Organizational psyc – deals with motivation, work attitudes, leadership, and organizational development (transform or effect change in an organization). Softer, more esoteric areas like motivation an leadership ← Different from Business degrees: ← research, quantitative methods, testing (psychometrics) ← emphasis on factors affecting people in organizations ← the Psychological Perspective – applying all psyc theories and techniques in workplace ← i.e. – learning and memory, as in training people, or motivation techniques like reinforcement, setting goals, appropriate expectancies, helpful in selecting employees ← ← The Training of I/O Psychologists ← Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) is the professional association with which I/O Psychologists affiliate ← Training approach uses the Scientist-Practitioner Model – I/O psychologists are obth generators and consumers of knowledge (research and application of research & technology) (Journal of Applied Psychology – many articles for I/O) ← Training focuses on developing diverse competencies ← Competencies – skills, abilities, and capabilities that allow people to effectively perform functions ← Most I/O psychologists have M.A.’s or Ph.D’s ← 2-5 or 2-7 years of graduate training ← competencies of I/O ← consulting and business skills ← ethical, legal and professional contexts of I/O psychology ← different fields of psychology ← history and systems of psyc ← research methods ← statistical methods/data analysis ← attitude theory, measurement and change ← career development ← consumer behavior ← criterion theory and development ← health stress in organizations ← human performance/human factors engineering ← individual assessment/testing (psychometrics) ← individual differences (gender, age) ← job evaluation, compensation ← job/task analysis ← judgment /decision making ← leadership/management ← organizational development (helping to achieve change) ← organizational theory ← performance appraisal and feedback...
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