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A couple years back, there was an "Above the Influence" commercial that showed a teenager boy get home from apparently being out all day with his friends smoking marijuana. As he is walking through the door,he is met by his mother who starts aggresively asking for his where abouts. Next she comes at him with the question, "Where is your brother?". Right then, you see him realize that he had forgotten his little brother at school many hours ago because he was distracted smoking marijuana with his friends.22222222This commercial is out to target teenagers who are in a position to be a role model to younger siblings or friends to not do drugs and also to young children to start recognizing the negatives of doing drugs result in situations such as this. It mainly targets the teenagers though, stating that smoking marijuana affects your ability to think clearly and often puts you in a lazy state. Teenagers smoking marijuana tend to put the drug infront of other responsibilities such as family relationships,chores,work, and school. Many
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