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Timeline 2/26/10-Project assigned 3/10/10-First meeting: project assessment proposed plan 3/27/10-Second meeting: truss design and drawings 3/29/10-Preliminary due 4/9/10-Group meeting: start of final report 4/12/10-Second in class project work day: final report continued 4/19/10-Project finalization and review 4/21/10-Project due date Task Assignment Chart Truss design # 1 Max Truss design # 2 Max External force analysis design # 1 Andy External force analysis design # 2
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Unformatted text preview: Max Force evaluation Max, Andy, Nick Cost evaluation Andy Truss design # 1 optimization Andy, Max, Nick Truss design # 2 optimization Andy, Max, Nick Section I of final Nick, Andy Section II of final Nick, Max Section III of final Scott, Nick Section IV of final Nick Section V of final Max Section VI of final Scott, Andy Section VII of final Andy Section VIII of final Nick...
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