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Marketing Exam Review

Marketing Exam Review - REVIEW SHEET MAR2011 Final...

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REVIEW SHEET – MAR2011 Final Exam (Chapters 10 - 19) Terms/Concepts you need to know: Adopter categories Allocating Business format franchisors- ongoing business relationship between a franshisor and franschisee. Competitive advantage- one or more unique aspects of a company, giving them advantage over competition. Corporate blog- blogs that are sponsored by a company or one of its brands and maintained by employees. Cost-reduction strategy3 Data warehouse- a central repository for data from various areas in a company, that can be shared companywide Database- a colloection of data, esspically one that can be accessed and manipulated by computer software Develop learning relationships Discontinuous innovation Frequent buyer program- reward loyal customers for making multiple purchases. Growth stage of the product life cycle- the product advertising changes from educational to competive with other brands, as the product reaches its peak in popularity, distrubution becomes important as ever.
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