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Chapter 4 1. Explain why ruminants, cecal fermenters, and monogastrics have such different abilities for digesting forages. Ruminants are different from ceceal fermenters and monogastrics because they have Ruminants are animals that first form a bolus that they swallow without much chewing to the forage being consumed that probably evolved as a protective mechanism so that these slow moving animals could get to the grazing area, eat quickly, and then move to a safe are to allow for digesting. 2. Compare and cotrast the end products of protein and carbohydrate digestion
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Unformatted text preview: between the pig and the cow. (This is an exercise to determine if you understand the predominantly enzymatic digestion of the pig compared to the microbial digestion of the ruminant that is then followed by enzymatic digestion.) 3. Explain the digestion of a bite of mixed feed in a cow and a pig. Do this in a stepqise progression beginning with prehension and ending in defecation. At each step compare and contrast what is happening in each species. Point out what organ the feed is in. Outline, narrative, or table form is acceptable....
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