osu2-8 - 1 Explain the significance of glycerol to the...

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1. Explain the significance of glycerol to the structure of a triglyceride. Glycerol is the alcohol component of all triglycerides common in animal and plant tissues as well as a component of the phosphatides (lecithin, cephalin, and sphingomyelin). Triglycerides are esters of glycerol and fatty acids. Glycerol is the basic structure that triglycerides are built from. A triglyceride contains three fatty acid chains linked to a molecule of glycerol. These fatty acids may be the same at all three positions or different. When a triglyceride is hydrolyzed, it yields its three fatty acids (each different or the same fatty acid chain) and glycerol. These serve as concentrated sources of energy. 2. What are the nutritional functions of lipids? Briefly describe each. The first function of lipids is to supply energy for normal maintenance and productive functions. On hydrolysis of triglycerides, fatty acids and glycerol can be obtained for the body’s use. Fats are very digestible (exceeding 80%) unless there is some other underlying malabsorption problems. When the total lipid content of the animal’s diet is low, such as animals on all-plant diets, the apparent digestibility may be much less lower because of the higher proportion of metabolic fecal lipids. Absorbability of lipid is also affected by the amount of waxes or sterols in the diet because these components are
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osu2-8 - 1 Explain the significance of glycerol to the...

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