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I am a little confused on the what the example of face recognition cells of monkeys in slides 14-15 of Lecture 22 represents. What is this indicating about the ventral stream pathway besides the processing of recognition? Thompson: The idea is that for any "feature detector" you have to present the appropriate features. Imagine that you record from a cell in the nervous system that you think responds to the image of a face. How could you possibly prove to yourself that this rather
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Unformatted text preview: fantastic observation is correct? Well, in my mind is want to show something about how selective the cells are for faces. The cell's response to a picture with all the features scrambled in their positions should be very weak. The cell should not respond to presenation of a toilet bursh, even though it mimics some aspects of a face. In short, I think the experiments in these figures are designed to convince the one that the cell does respond selectively to faces....
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