conesandreceptivefields - red centers This must mean that...

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I was a bit confused about the first question in Discussion #8. When looking at a cone, is it feasible that that photoreceptor can also synapse with other bipolar cells or maybe even synapse with surround cells of another receptive field? Thompson: Sorry, I'm a bit confused about your question, at least your reference to a particular discussion question. The question doesn't even mention cones. But the rest of your question, i.e. the part after is it feasible. Imagine two ganglion cells with on,
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Unformatted text preview: red centers. This must mean that each of these cells reciev input from some red cones. Now imagine that the receptive fields overlap but that the centers are slightly dispalced from each other Would it not make sense for some of the same photoreceptors to feed into the bipolar cells that each of these receptive fields? If this doesn't answer your question, ask again. Perhaps you can help me out by asking it a slightly different way....
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