soundintensityvstiming - I believe I understand the...

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I believe I understand the differences between the medial superior olive and the lateral superior olive functions with respect to sound localization. My question is when they function, or in what instances they function. It says in the book that the lateral superior olive is necessary for hearing at frequencies of 3 kHz or more. Does this mean that the medial superior olive only functions at frequencies below 3 kHz? Or does it also function alongside the LSO? Why would two systems be necessary (perhaps the physics is lost on me)? Are there other systems still for discerning intensity? If the LSO is what discerns intensity (or loudness?), then what discerns loudness at frequencies below 3 kHz? So my specific question - in what instances are these relevant? I think I'm missing something. .. As a matter of interest, it took me a little while to figure out your explanation of what was going on with disparity and depth perception. Perhaps what is confusing some people in your explanation is when you say 'we would have to extend the lines for point "a" to the plane of the screen.' That doesn't mean that "a" becomes the plane of focus for the subject, but that the screen is moved closer to the subject such that "a" lies within the screen's plane, correct? Sorry, maybe this is just syntax. .. or maybe I've completely misinterpreted the explanation. Thompson:
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soundintensityvstiming - I believe I understand the...

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