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vestibularsystem - can detect motion in those three planes...

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I was wondering if we needed to know anything else about the Uttricle and Saccule besides the fact that Utricle cilia project inward and Saccule cilia project outward? Do we need to know each type of motion the specific maculas are concerned with? And is it safe to think of the semicircular canals as canals that deal with exclusively the z-axis(Rotation)? Student 2: I think .... I'm not completely positive...that the three semicircular are oriented in three different planes (x, y, and z) so that they
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Unformatted text preview: can detect motion in those three planes. The ampullae detect the flow of endolymph in the three canals because of cupula deformation/displacement. The utricle and the saccule detect linear acceleration and static position of the head because the hair cell sterocilia stick out into this gel that has otoliths (little crystals). The otoliths maximize the deflection of the hair cells. Thompson: That's a good reply...
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